Woman Who Had a Fatal Hit and Run Accident in Odessa Was Given Suspended Sentence

Malinovskyi District Court of Odessa sentenced unemployed woman from Odessa, who on January 2012 driving SUV Toyota Prado killed a woman and fled the scene to one year probation.

The tragedy took place on the evening of 21 January on Stolbovaia street, NR writes. The victim was crossing the road in the wrong place. She was hit by luxurious SUV the driver of which did not stop. Only a week of searching the law enforcement officers found the car.

During the trial judge Oleg Neporada found many positive attributes of the accused while not identifying any aggravating circumstances - for instance the fact that the driver fled the accident scene.

The Court recognizes the circumstances mitigating punishment - sincere repentance, active contribution to solving the crime, positive characteristics from the place of residence and the place of previous work, and the fact that it was the first criminal liability, the existence of a dependent minor child, voluntary elimination of damages," stated the verdict.

In the end, Oleg Neporada considered that "the reformation and rehabilitation of the defendant can be conducted without isolation from society" and sentenced her to two years imprisonment (suspended) with a probation period of one year. At that the driver was even absorbed from paying for expert assessments which are usually held in such cases.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n229361