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 Vlasenko Expects New Surprises from Yanukovych

Serhii Vlasenko considers the information provided by the Prison Service about not discovering toxic substances in detergents and cosmetics in the ward of Yulia Tymoshenko to be incomplete.

He said this at a press conference in Kharkiv,Ukrainian News reports. "The Prison Service, as always, providedthe public with incomplete information," said Vlasenko, butdeclined to comment on the message of the jailers: "I am notprepared to comment on the situation."

Vlasenko noted that this situation will have acontinuance and then it will be commented on in full. Meanwhile,the lawyer does not exclude that the Internet may witness anothervideo from Tymoshenko's ward to divert attention from her campaign of civil disobedience.

"I do not exclude that Yanukovych and his teamwill work with their usual methods and to divert attention from thestatement of Yulia Tymoshenko there will appear some other videofrom her ward, email boxes will be cracked once again, fakes willappear," said Vlasenko.

According to him, after the meeting Tymoshenkorefused to return to her ward, Interfax-Ukraine reports."Tymoshenko is now in a room for a meeting with the defense. Shewill not enter the ward where she is being held, along with anotherprisoner, along with illegal guards who are always present in theroom," said Vlasenko.

"The guard is in the ward with her. 24 hours aday. She sleeps, and they sit near, a man is sitting next to thebed. She has breakfast - a man is sitting next to her. She haslunch - a man is sitting next to her," he added. Vlasenko said thatthe meeting room has a couch, table and a chair. According to him,as of 3:00 p.m. Monday the former Prime Minister refused medicaltreatment. "As of today, 3 p.m. - she refuses it. She clearlystated her conditions: no males among the guards, removal ofillegal surveillance and removal of the guard from the prison wardwhere she is located," said Vlasenko.

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