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 Yanukovych’s Gazebo Costs More Than a Hollywood Mansion. PHOTOS

Why does Yanukovych’s arbor cost more that villas of Steven Seagal or Natalie Portman?

When inNovember the "Journal of Public Procurement" published informationabout the tender for the construction of "arbors with a pavilion"at the presidential residence Sinehora for 24 million UAH, therewas one major thing missing - technical specifications. Thereforethe answer to the main question - what it is and whether it isworth so much was missing. Since $ 3 million is too much for apergola, as we imagine the thing, reportsnashigroshi.org.

Therefore,journalists sent a request to the General Directorate of RegionalDevelopment and Construction of Ivano-Frankivsk Regional StateAdministration which was named the customer ofconstruction.

And while waiting for an official response, the TVijournalists went Sinehora, were cursed by local clerks and filmedthe construction plans under which, according to workers, they arebuilding a restaurant and not an arbor.

Then, theofficials responded to the request with brief but at least someinformation that confirms the schematics obtained by thecrew.

Thegazebo turned out to be a one-story building for recreation with abasement. The object includes a hall, lounge, cloakroom, twovestibules, kitchen, a bathroom for men, women's bathroom, twoguest bathrooms, a large living room and hallway. This descriptioncorresponds exactly to the drawings shown inHuta.

Thus,comparing one with another, we come obvious conclusion: they arebuilding a restaurant with area of ​​about 400 sq m and not agazebo.

No otherdetails on the building were specified, except that the attentionwas drawn to a "stand-alone provision of drinking water from a newwell," electric heating of the roof, and videosurveillance.

But thequestion remains: what is it going to be built of - laid with brickor Carpathian pine frame set, the floor will be linoleum or marbleand whether the toilets will be made of gold or silver? Becausemurky phrases like "provide for the application of high-performancebuilding materials of domestic and foreign production" or "toprovide for the purchase of equipment, furniture and equipment toensure adequate reception, recreation and residential conditionsfor high-ranking officials of the state" in fact saylittle.

We decided to seewhat can be purchased at the real estate market for 24 million UAH($3 million)?

A couple of yearsago, Oscar-winning Natalie Portman got a Los Angeles mansion for$3.25 million in the house of 450 square meters, there are fourbedrooms, two bathrooms, a spacious living room, the floor iscovered with parquet. The patio has a pool and adorned withdecorative stone terrace. And it stands on a half hectare of landwhere there are two more guest houses:

ActorSteven Seagal last year purchased a villa in Scottsdale, Arizonafor $ 3.5 million. The house is 785 square meters, whichaccommodates 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a sauna, there are threechimney and the territory of 4.9 hectares also includes a guesthouse, pool, spa and a garage for three cars.

In short,the builders in Sinehora have something to look up to. Perhapsamong the "material of foreign production" there will be Braziliancherry, and "improvement" and "greening" include a citrus garden?Or "relief organization" means a guest house, like Portman's orSeagal's? Oh, no, sorry, Sinehora already has a guest house whichcost another 24 million of the state funds. In general, therepairs, which started in Yanukovych's Carpathian residence for arenovation after Yushchenko and Kuchma have already cost thetaxpayers 235 million UAH.

Thus thereis a huge difference between the above mentioned movies stars andofficials for whom this gazebo-restaurant is being built

First onesbought the property for their own money that they earned and it isup to them what to spend it on.

But forthe comfort of others - $ 3 million were pulled out of the state"pocket" which is actually not intended for the construction ofrestaurants that Yanukovych visits once a year to celebrate the NewYear.

Andfinally he should be reminded: Mr. Yanukovych, your son is abusinessman, whose fortune is estimated at one billion hryvnia. Donot be shy - borrow money from him, maybe even at 0% interest rate.Because the money you frequently take out of people's pockets is aloan secured by trust, respect and patience. And it will have to bepaid back eventually.

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