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 Tymoshenko May Be Poisoned with Cosmetics and Detergents. Jailers Deny Everything

Yulia Tymoshenko suspects that unauthorized persons add poisonous substances in detergents and cosmetics which she uses.

According to the press service of the State Penitentiary Service, on the night of January 5 the head of Kachanovskaia colony received a claim from Tymoshenko about the threat to her health and life during her stay in Ukrzaliznytsia hospital.

"In particular, the statement says that allegedly unauthorized persons could be adding toxic substances to detergents and cosmetics," said the statement.

In this regard, the colony management conducted an investigation "which denies the presence of unauthorized persons in the protected zone of the hospital."

"In order to establish the presence of toxic substances the specimens of detergents and cosmetics were provided for appropriate expert study in Kharkiv Scientific-Research Institute of Forensics. According to the expert opinion of January 5, the studied substances do not contain any traces of soluble salts of metal poisons: barium, lead, cadmium, arsenic, thallium, mercury, bismuth and zinc," said the statement.

"Thus, the conclusion of the Forensic Institute and the results of investigation by the colony confirm that suspicions and accusations by convict Tymoshenko's regarding threats to her life and health are unfounded," added the press-service.

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