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 Communists Do Not Want to Switch to Ukrainian Cars: They are Uncomfortable and Dangerous

The draft law "On Civil Service" (regarding the use of service cars), prepared by Batkivschyna deputy Oleksandr Bryhynets is populist because its provisions cannot be implemented.

This was said in by Communist deputy OleksandrHolub in an interview to Gazeta.ua.

The project involves the use of domesticallyproduced transport by officials. "The experience of other countriesthat are close to us, shows that, in principle, it is almostimpossible to do. This is a populist project. It is clear what itwas prepared for. Ukraine has not yet reached the level of car'squality which would let's say respond to the needs that we have. Iam not talking about luxury cars of course. But the fact that theyneed to be safe, comfortable, economical - that is clear.Unfortunately, Ukrainian cars do not meet these criteria," saidHolub.

When asked what exactly the criteria doUkrainian cars not match the Communist replied: "They do not meetany of these criteria. The Russian Federation also tried toimplement something like this. Eventually this idea died and wasnot realized. Others have also tried to do it, but could not. If wehad developed car manufacturing then we could talk about it. Butthis is just a nice wish which has a populist base," hesaid.

But the Communist is confident that thegovernment should take control of the purchase of cars forofficials. "The state must take control of what cars are bought,what package is necessary, which cars are necessary. Of course,there are officials of certain level who meet various delegations.They should have executive class cars. Vehicles for other officialsshall be more modest but still reliable," saidHolub.

The Communist saw positive aspects in theopposition's bill. "To define the limit value of the price of carsfor different categories of officials - this is a positive thing. Ithink this is worth noting," said the deputy.

He added that the Communist Party is notpreparing any bills regarding the cost of cars forofficials.

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