Policemen Who Raped a Man With a Club Claim that his Wife Beat Him With Rolling Pin

A court hearing took place in Donetsk regarding the case of law enforcement officers who beat and raped 39-year old Mikhail Belikov.

Also other 5 more victims of the policemen will testify, Mariupol news reports.

The accused include district policeman Ruslan Sutkovyy, his chief Oleh Zaiets and contract soldier Vadym Chizhkov. All of them state they do not consider themselves guilty - the detention was carried out in accordance with the law, and nobody even laid a finger on Belikov.

But Zaiets claimed that the victim intentionally defamed them, since he has participated in preventive measures for violations before. And in the end the former chief said that it is likely that Belikov was beaten by his wife with a rolling pin after he came home drunk.

After these words the victim who became disabled as the result of tortures ran out of the courtroom and the defendants jeered him.

Also the former colleagues of the accused were present at the hearing. They all said that Sutkovyy, Zaiets and Chizhkov were good and decent policemen.

The next hearing will take place on January 11.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n229278