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 Opposition Wants to Take Officials' Cars and Switch Them to Daewoo Lanos

The relevant bill has been filed in the parliament.

The opposition's Andrii Pavlovskyy, Yurii Stetsand Oleksandr Bryhynets want to deprive officials of expensive carsand make it obligatory to support domestic car makers, Censor.NETreports.

"Cars of the officials sometimes resemble afeast during the plague. When the socio-economic situation in thecountry is extremely complicated, civil servants continue tosurprise people not only with their "golden toilets" but alsoluxurious foreign cars. Officials need to live in the sameconditions in which society lives!" Bryhynets said on his officialwebsite. "Savings should start with government. Policymakers withtheir modesty need to set an example his those who thanks to theofficials are denied job benefits, social assistance, higher wages,social security, etc."

The deputy said that under the bill rules ofalienation of cars not of Ukrainian origin and cars the cost ofwhich exceeds this amount stated in Article 33-1. It deals withcars that are operated by the Cabinet of Ministers, Ministries andother central executive bodies, state and local governmentsdepartments. At the same time, government officials can use theirown vehicle or a vehicle of the family for their work. Conditionsand amount of compensation for the use are to be defined by theCabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

The bill proposes to supplement Chapter 4 of theLaw of Ukraine "On Civil Service" with Article 33-1 "The use ofofficial vehicles" which defines the maximum amount of total costof cars for different categories of civilservants.
Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n229262