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 Bug Found in Apartment of Journalist Who Wrote Investigations About Azarov and Yanukovych. PHOTO

A device for secretly recording information was discovered in the private apartment of Express newspaper investigation department journalist Taras Zozulinskyy.

It was sewn in the clothes and was found by accident, theExpress reports.

Zozulinsky isconvinced that a secret entry into his apartment and installationof equipment for secretly recording information is directly relatedto his professional activities, including the preparation forpublication of series of investigations.

Zozulinsky is theauthor of several investigations, published in the Express inDecember, about the involvement of Prime Minister Mykola Azarov'sfamily in acquiring assets on the Crimean coast, constructionaround the President's Magarach residence, abuse of citizens fundsby a police owned company.

A qualified expertwho conducted an inspection of the device confirmed that thisdevice is for secretly recording information of very high qualitywith an independent power source, the newspaperwrites.

On these grounds,Zozulinsky and Express newspaper filed relevant applications andreported the crime to the Galytskyy police department in Lvivregion, police HQ in Lviv oblast, Lviv oblast prosecutor's officeand the Office of Security Service in Lvivoblast.

After a whileZozulinsky said he received a phone call from an investigator ofGalytskyy police department who said that a task force is headedfor the journalist's apartment to conduct a search. Replying towhether these actions are sanctioned by the court, the policeofficer said that "we will try to get them but if we do not we willstill conduct the search. The investigator said that journalistsand any "unauthorized" persons will not be allowed to be presentduring the search.

Journalistsuggests that the strange activity of the police on Christmas Evecan be linked to a desire to remove other devices for secretlyrecording information, which may be in the apartment to cover theirtracks and to do so without any witnesses.

A group ofjournalists of the Express and cameramen headed for Zozulinskyy'sapartment.

Later thenewspaper reported that the task force of law enforcement officersabandoned the idea to conduct a search without a court sanction. Atthe same time, they proposed the journalists to come to the localpolice station for questioning on Monday at 9:00 am. Zozulinskyysaid that he will go to the police.

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