Ukraine is at its Limit, Next Year Will be Very Bad, Sociologists

Expert Iryna Bekeshkina shared her opinion on what will happen to the country in the year of the snake.

2013 in will not be easy for Ukraine, on the contrary - it will be very difficult in socio-economic terms," such opinion was voiced by Director of the Democratic Initiatives Fund Iryna Bekeshkina.

Business cites her stating that "We are almost at our limit. There are two ways out: either to improve relations with the West, then we may resume talks with the IMF, crediting... But for this it is necessary to democratize the country. Or we can go begging to Russia and sign a complete surrender on terms of discount gas prices," she said.

Also Bekeshkina noted that "it is not necessary to place great hopes on the new government."

"After all, ministers are not magicians. In 2013 they have a difficult task: to squeeze as much money out of the economy, while not affecting their interests and redirecting flows between people and clans. External debt has to be repaid. But there is no money. .. I do not envy the government in 2013," summed up the expert.
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