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 Russian Unity Demands Criminal Punishment for Svoboda’s Slogans Against Russian

The leader of the Russian Unity political party, member of the Crimean parliament Serhii Aksenov says that the government and law enforcement agencies are required to apply the most severe penalties to the radically-minded Ukrainian nationalists.

Asreported by the press service of the party, he stated it commentingon the 1 January's torchlight procession in Kyiv on the anniversaryof the birth of head of the Ukrainian Nationalists OrganizationStepan Bandera. When marching on Kreshchatyk guys in masks shoutedslogans, including ones against the Russian.

"When you hear slogans "Knife the Moscovites"and other unhealthy Nazi threats, the task of law enforcementofficers is to react instead of just standing by! Violators must becriminally sanctioned. This is a direct incitement to ethnic hatredand the expression of extreme intolerance to other people," saidAksenov.

He also noted that such hostility by violentactivists of Bandera supporters can lead to all kinds of conflicts."I believe that these demonstrations in this country should nottake place. This is very alarming and dangerous manifestation ofxenophobia which should be addressed," said the leader of theRussian Unity.

According to him, these actions demonstrate oncemore that are Svoboda's nationalism is blind Russophobia andxenophobia, and not strengthening of the Ukrainian nationalidea.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n229057