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 In 2013 We May Hold Early Parliamentary and Presidential Elections, Turchynov

Early parliamentary and presidential elections may be held in 2013.

This was stated by one of Batkivschyna leaders Oleksandr Turchinovin an interview to Channel 5.

"In case of Ukraine's crazysliding into the abyss does not stop, I do not exclude that 2013could become a turning point for the country once again. Earlyparliamentary and presidential elections may be held to form agovernment that will save the country," he said.

According to Turchynov, from thebeginning of the 2000s Ukraine had not had any delays in payment ofsalaries and pensions to state employees. "Now, those terribletimes when people went for months without pay are returning," hesaid.

Also, commenting on the recentgovernment economic initiatives, such as a tax on currencyexchange, Turchinov said: "I do not rule out that after a couplemore innovations like this this government and this regime willcease to exist. And, of course, Ukraine will face the situation -on the one hand, we will come to a default, to internationalisolation, on the other hand we will have to completely update thepower. "

Opposition leader added that in2013, there is a real danger that the government will attempt toprivatize the Ukrainian land.

According to him, the Ukrainianeconomy has turned into a banal pyramid scheme, which exists due tocrediting. "The Ukrainian banking system may be destroyed like acard house," said Turchinov.

In addition, he said theopposition will insist on the abolition of anti-constitutionallaws, in particular, the laws on language, the referendum, the taxcode and others.

According to Turchynov, theselaw have not actually been passed.

"The law is considered adoptedif it receives votes from specific deputies. Not their cards, notsome mythical people who can be at the same time in the parliamentand somewhere abroad on holiday," he said.

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