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 Opposition Takes First Step Towards Abolition of Language Law

The Verkhovna Rada registered a law on the state language which, among other things, provides for the abolition of the earlier adopted language law.

TheUkrainian Pravda reports that the bill was introduced by MykolaKaterynchuk.

According to the document "this law is to ensurethe use of Ukrainian as the state language in the territory ofUkraine, the right of Ukrainian citizens for the use of the statelanguage, protection and development of the languageculture."

The explanatory note to the bill states that"the State shall ensure comprehensive development and functioningof the Ukrainian language in all spheres of public life throughoutUkraine."

At that the bill emphasizes that "theConstitution does not specify the requirements to the peculiaritiesof practical use of the Ukrainian language as the state language,nor specifies the obligations of the government bodies in regard tothe order of forming or maintaining the statelanguage."

"The law is intended to define theresponsibilities of government bodies, officials in the territoryof Ukraine regarding the Ukrainian language as a state one, and thecorresponding rights of citizens. The law obliges officials to usethe Ukrainian language as the state one ... Citizens have the rightto address the state government, local government, enterprises,institutions, organizations (regardless of ownership), publicassociations, officials in Ukrainian or other language acceptableto the parties," says the note.

The text of the bill, in particular, notes that"the obligation to use the state language should not be construedto deny or belittling the right to use other languages in theterritory of Ukraine."

At the same time, the bill regulates the scopeof the mandatory use of the Ukrainian language in Ukraine and theconcurrent use of minority languages.

The document also outlines measures to protectand support the Ukrainian language and the rights of Ukrainiancitizens to use the Ukrainian language in education, media, andwhen dealing with public authorities.

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