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 Deputies Need to Bench Press 120 kg and Know Kickboxing to be Successful in Politics - it is Degrading, Says Yatsenyuk

Head of Batkivschyna faction Arseniy Yatsenyuk believes that Ukrainian politics is degrading.

Hevoiced this opinion on TVi channel stating that he is not satisfiedwith the fighting start of the new parliamentary cadence because itturns out that the "to be successful the deputies need to go to thegym more often, bench press 120 kg and train kickboxing toboot."

"It is just destroying the country. Just imagineif the U.S. Congress had what we have in Ukraine today. This is atestament to complete and total degradation," said thepolitician.

"On one hand, I'm sorry about the way we startedthis parliament - it was wrong. In terms of European and worldstandards it is wrong. But we had no other choice," assuredYatsenyuk.

He also said that the case of falsification ofthe parliamentary elections is still relevant and joked that theregime has not stolen as much from the opposition as wasexpected.

"I thought they would steal a lot more," saidthe politician.

"We will create a special investigationcommission regarding the vote counts," saidYatsenyuk.

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