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 Azarov: We Cannot Survive Without Customs Union! There is no Politics Here

Премьер Николай Азаров считает жизненно важным для украинской экономики достижение договоренностей о сотрудничестве с Таможенным союзом.

PrimeMinister Mykola Azarov considers it vital for the Ukrainian economyto reach agreements on cooperation with the CustomsUnion.

He said this in an interview to Ukrainian TV ."There is reality and to this reality has $ 60 billion of ourexport. For comparison, say, the EU accounts for about $ 40million. The Customs Union imports the things that we cannot sellin other markets. That is, it is vital for our economy to negotiateand cooperate with the countries of the Customs Union. There is nopolitics here," he said.

The Prime Minister noted that Ukraine needs towork out mutually acceptable rules of the game with the CustomsUnion.

According to him, even 2 years ago Ukraineworked on the basis of the bilateral agreements for cooperationwith Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, and now they have lost power,and Ukraine need to build relations with the Customs Union. Inparticular, he cited the example of the negotiations with the PrimeMinister of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev, which took place on December26. Azarov said that they had discussed access of Ukrainian pipesto the Russian market, and the Russian Prime Minister said thatthey support the position of Ukraine, but Azarov needs to discussthis issue with Belarus and Kazakhstan which are equal members ofthe Customs Union.

The Prime Minister said that politicalspeculation about the cooperation with the Customs Union and itsopposition to the European Union is wrong. According to Azarov,Ukraine is guided primarily by economic interests, and in theabsence of forms of interaction with the organization the countrywill lose a huge market that is very difficult to make upelsewhere.

Azarov considers it possible to find acompromise over concurrent Ukraine's cooperation with the CustomsUnion and Free Trade Zone with the European Union. President ViktorYanukovych was planning to visit Russia on December 18, but thevisit was postponed.

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