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 Poll: Tymoshenko is the Best Prime Minister During the Years of Independence

The activities of Azarov’s government Ukrainians assessed by giving him F-plus (2.45 points on a five-point scale). Prime Minister Tymoshenko was named the best. However, 40% could not single out any of the 13 Ukrainian Prime Ministers at all.

Of allthe politicians who in the years of independence held the post ofas Prime Minister, the highest score of the population was given toYulia Tymoshenko, who is considered the best Prime Minister by19.5% of Ukrainians. This is evidenced by the results of a pollconducted by the Democratic Initiative Fund in cooperation with theRazumkov Center, reports ZN.UA.

Viktor Yanukovych is considered the best PrimeMinister by 11%. However, 40% of respondents said that they cannotsingle out one of the 13 Prime Ministers at all.

The activities of Azarov's government Ukrainiansassessed by giving him 2.45 points on a five-point scale.The lowest- 2.10 points - was the rate given for fighting corruption. Otherspheres of the government activities have the following grades:fighting crime - 2.32 points, economic policy - 2.43 points,treatment of the ordinary citizens - 2.43 points, social policy -2.50 points, international policy - 2.53 points , ensuringdemocratic freedoms - 2.55 points, humanitarian policy - 2.58points.

It should be noted that Tymoshenko headedUkrainian government twice - February-March 2005 and from December2007 to March 2010. Since August 5, 2011 she has been in prison oncharges of abuse of authority during the signing of gas contractswith Russia in January 2009.

A nationwide poll was conducted by theDemocratic Initiatives Fund together with sociological service ofthe Razumkov Center from 21 to 24 December 2012. 2,009 respondentsover 18 years were interviewed in all regions of Ukraine, Kyiv andCrimea on a sample representing the adult population of Ukraine onthe main socio-demographic indicators. Theoretical sampling error(without design effect) does not exceed 2.3% with a probability of0.95. The survey was conducted at the expense of the UNITER projectfunds.

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