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 I Have to Speak Russian on Principle, Kolesnichenko

Ukraine is on the verge of fascism.

Thiswas stated by Party of Regions deputy Vadym Kolesnichenko on theair of Era-FM.

"For me the priority of human rights isimportant. Just a couple of months ago, opponents and critics of mypolicy said: "Well, you are not forbidden to speak Russian. What'sthe problem? "Today I officially announce: fascism is on ourdoorstep. According to the law we are permitted to speak Russianamong other languages in the parliament. And a political forcedelegated to the parliament forbids us from it and declaresobstruction. Tomorrow I will be forbidden from wearing a jacket.The day after tomorrow they will decide who I should live with andhow. This is what took place in Germany in 20-30-s of the lastcentury," said Kolesnichenko.

"Before it was not a matter of principle whatlanguage to speak - Ukrainian or Russian depending on the comfortof the person I speak with. But now I have to speak Russian onprinciple, so that people know and understand - they have rightsfor which they need to fight," addedKolesnichenko.

According to him, the economy is more importantthan the language issue.

"Unfortunately, we are slipping... The societyis trying to get to the language discussion. Though for me, and forthe Party of Regions, and for the whole country a key issue is theeconomic development of our country and the well-being of everyUkrainian. I for example, do not care what language a sign is. Icare that it is convenient for people. A sign, even if it is in 10languages, does not determine the economic well being of ourcountry," explained Kolesnichenko.

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