Kolesnikov Will Not Apologize for Problematic Hyundai Trains. He Does Not Value Reputation and Despises Others, Says Ariev

The opposition deputy says the Kolesnikov should resign.

Deputy Volodymyr Ariev told Censor.NET who shall apologizefor the failure of high-speed transport.

"I am quite surethat it is not the Hyundai company so much that shall apologize butit should be Kolesnikov. In any case, this can only result inresignation. At one time he was very indignant at the fact thatbecause of Lutsenko the budget allegedly lost 40,000 hryvnia. Herewe see that the budget lost hundreds of millions because of thenegligence and incompetence of Kolesnikov," said thedeputy.

According to thedeputy, buying a train you need to understand that it will not goon Korean railways but on Ukrainian ones.

"They should havebought trains that would withstand our power surges and conditionson the whole. Koreans, despite the fact that they did not need toapologize, still did it, because it is a matter of reputation. Andfor Kolesnikov reputation is an empty word. Here if Yanukovychneeds you, your reputation does not matter. I am sure thatKolesnikov will never apologize. Because he despises everyonearound," said the deputy.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n227924