Another One of Kolesnikov’s “Carts” Breaks Down. Locomotive is Pulling Hyundai Back. Cars are Cold and Hot Water is Sold for 5 Hryvnia

Hyundai train en route from Kyiv to Donetsk broke down once again.

Channel5 cites its journalist Azad Safarov who is on the train that around11:00 a.m. the train stopped in the middle of the field in Kharkivoblast.

"The electricity and heating are off so the carsare very cold. And passengers had to wait an hour and a half forthe arrival of the locomotive which would tow the Hyundai to thenearest railway station," said the witness.

"As the conductors explained, the problem is notthe train, as they say, but the voltage differential. Now thelocomotive came for us and it will pull us back to Lozovaia. Theconductors say it will take about 20 minutes. There they will tryto reconnect the Hyundai to the power," the journalistsaid.

"If that cannot be done - we will switch toanother train. The Hyundai is very cold, people are complaining,they say that this is not the first breakdown and they are notgoing to ride on this train again. There are mothers with childrenhere, the children are and they charge 5 hryvnia for hot water,"said Safarov.

At the same time, Ukrzaliznytsia says that nowthey are developing new ways of compensating for the delay oftrains.

"Right now the carrier offers either full orpartial refund of the ticket price. Ukrzaliznytsia notes thatpunitive damages related to the delays are not considered now,"says the statement.

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