We Need to Find Out What Currency do Heads of National Bank Keep Their Savings in, Head of the Ukrainian Banks Association

Experts believe that officials of the National Bank urge to sell dollars just for their own benefit.

Head of the Association of Ukrainian Banks OleksandrSugoniako commented to Censor.NET on the statement of the NBUCouncil Chairman Ihor Prasolov in which he urged Ukrainians to selldollars and keep deposits in the national currency.

"We need to findout what currency does Mr. Prasolov keep his savings in," saidSugoniako. "These statements have started appearing because thecountry needs dollars. Now the balance of payments is exactly thesame as in 2008. All balances are negative. And we lack dollars. Wespent too much foreign exchange reserves, almost the same as duringthe 2008 crisis."

The expert alsoanswered the question of whether there is an economic crisis inUkraine: "Of course, there is. And they do not want to admit it.The production is declining, and it is probable that we will noteven have a 3% GDP growth. It would be very nice if the GDP is atleast 0% - still better than negative. In addition, the budgetdeficit will be 2.6 times larger. Meager budget revenues plusproblems with debt servicing, and there is simply lack of money,"says Sugoniako. "But lies cannot help to get out of the crisis.This is a systemic disease. These statements can fool some naivepeople but the crisis and the economy cannot befooled."

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n227808