Ukrainian Politics

 The Times: Yanukovych Will Be Considered Traitor if He Joins Customs Union

President Yanukovych of Ukraine has called off talks with Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin on a politically-sensitive free trade alliance with Moscow that critics regard as a warmed-up version of the old Soviet Union.

The Times writes that "The last-minute cancellation isalmost unprecedented and reflects the deep divisions in theUkrainian establishment. The country now faces the choice offorging closer links with Russia or keeping alive its hopes ofeventual membership of the European Union."

The author states"Ukrainian opposition warned President Yanukovych that he will beconsidered a traitor if he joins the Customs Union with Russia,Belarus and Kazakhstan the purpose of which is just to get promisesof cheaper gas from Moscow."

"I want tocongratulate the Ukrainian people on the cancellation of thePresident Yanukovych's visit to Moscow," said one of the oppositionleaders Arseniy Yatsenyuk. "The opposition will buy him a ticket toBrussels. That's where he is needed."

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