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 Lukashenko Explained to Ukraine How to Join Customs Union

Ukraine will participate in the economic union with Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan but joining these processes should not be selective.

Presidentof Belarus Alexander Lukashenko in Moscow summed up hisparticipation in the meetings of the Collective Security TreatyOrganization, Eurasian Economic Community and the Customs UnionTroika, reports Interfax-Ukraine.

"Ukraine is very interested in this issue, andthe interest is high. But accession to the individual documents isimpossible," he said.

Belarusian President said that in Moscowparticipants of the integration organizations had given a clearmessage to those who are ready to join the Customs Union and theCommon Economic Space, and subsequently to the Eurasian EconomicUnion.

"Please the door is open. Pass the documents,make them your laws and come - we will cooperate," saidLukashenko.

The President stated that "Our integratedeconomic union has become very attractive."

In particular, he recalled the commitment ofVietnam to cooperate with the Customs Union. Also continued thehead of Belarus "The European Commission is increasingly looking atour new effective education."

Lukashenko said that the meeting of the SupremeEurasian Economic Council identified the stages of formation of theEurasian Economic Union.

In particular, the President of Belarus notedthat "by mid-2014 a draft agreement, the document on the creationof our future economic union should be ready."

Lukashenko also underlined that "we in no wayshall be ahead of ourselves but we also shall not slowdown."

The President noted that the heads of the CustomUnion states agreed to "meet at least four times ayear."

"We had a very frank conversation today, we havebeen removed some roughness, and things we did not agree on. Thisis very important because trillions of dollars, euros depend on oursolutions," said the President of Belarus.

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