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 Regime is Planning to Forcefully Deliver Tymoshenko to Court. Special Forces Have Received Instructions, Claims Vlasenko. VIDEO

Serhii Vlasenko, Yulia Tymoshenko’s defense lawyer held a press conference.

Yulia Tymoshenko hospitalized in Kharkiv Ukrzaliznytsiahospital will be forcefully delivered to the next court sessionwith the help of Berkut special forces. This was stated by herlawyer, deputy MP Serhii Vlasenko, Censor.NET reports.

Vlasenko said thatyesterday Yulia Tymoshenko received information from the employeesof the Penitentiary Service that they were instructed in spite ofeverything, in particular the state of her health and strength toforcefully deliver her to the court hearing that is to be held onJanuary 18, 2013 in Kharkiv.

The defender addedthat the prison keepers were ordered to take to the court in thesame manner as before there when she was transferred toUkrzaliznytsya hospital when physical force was used, and Berkutspecial police force will be involved in her transfer this time.According to Vlasenko, the confirmation of this information is ayesterday's press conference of the head physician of hospital #5who started spreading false information that

Serhii Vlasenkosaid that the statement was immediately refuted by German doctorsof Charite clinic which clearly stated that the issue was not evendiscussed followed by Afanasiev being forced to admit that this isthe opinion of the Ukrainian side. "According to the UkrainianConstitution compulsory treatment is forbidden and Yulia Tymoshenkodid not ask to create any commissions regarding her treatment.Tymoshenko's attending physicians are doctors from German clinicCharite," said Vlasenko.

In addition,Serhii Vlasenko said that the information on the forceful deliveryof Yulia Tymoshenko to court is confirmed by a statement of theprosecutor in the process, who said that the question of forcefuldelivery of Tymoshenko to courtroom will be considered. Vlasenkoalso said that he is surprised by the prosecutor's statements thatthey do not know the decision of the Supreme Court of Ukraine toclose the case of United Energy Systems of Ukraine. At that heshowed the text of the Supreme Court's decree of November 11, 2005under which the SCU at the joint session of the two chambersconsidered all the charges to Yulia Tymoshenko as well asconsidered the fact that the case was closed by the ProsecutorGeneral's Office, and in the resolution part clearly noted that thecriminal case against Tymoshenko is closed for lack ofevidence.

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