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 Activists Protecting Kyiv Bazaar: Our People Threw Themselves Under Trucks. We Were Beat Up and Our Cars Thrashed. VIDEO

Eye-witness and participant of the events told about restless night protecting Kyiv’s Bazaar (shopping arcade historical structure).

One of the activists of the campaign to protect the BazaarIhor Lutsenko described in detail the night attack by raiders andunidentified force on his page on Facebook.

"At 2.45 a.m. theattack began. They pushed our people out on the street and put upbarricades. The police did not respond. They blocked the gates. In2 hours they began bringing in the machinery. We thought it wouldgo from the side of Mohyla Academy. One truck, it seems was goingthere. But they began to move in from the Pirogoshchi church. Idrove up and blocked the entrance with my car. They started shakingit and pushed it on ice. Thank God for uncleaned roads. I sat inthe car, locked the doors and thought they were going to turn itover," writes Lutsenko.

According to theactivist the people threw themselves under the trucks to protectthe Bazaar.

"Andrii gotseverely beat up and was taken away by an ambulance along withVadym Toropov who suffered the same faith. They broke the mirror onmy car, but that's minor. Pastushenko refused to get into my carand decided to stand. Second car of Edik Kurgan drove up but theydid not allow him to block their exit. They covered his windshieldso he could not videotape them. They brought in all the machinery,2 dump trucks, 1 crane and 1 caterpillar. They closed and blockedthe gates. Then they broke the door where the activists werebarricaded. We do not know what is happening to them now," said theactivist.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/v227648