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 Regions Makeienko Breaks the Law Voting for Neighbor: I'm Provoking You. You Are so Sad. This is a Game. PHOTOS

Censor.NET correspondents caught former head of the procedural committee, the author of the law on personal voting Regions Volodymyr Makeienko voting for his neighbor.

VolodymyrMakeienko first tried to explain such voting by the fact he justcould not reach the button: "Let me explain. We often get up, ifyou sit for a long time, your legs get numb, but we do not leave,we are there. Do I have the right to vote standing up? If onecannot reach and get everyone up you can miss the voting. So I madea proposal today to make the rows a little bigger. You can reachfor you button but not for your neighbors."

When asked by thejournalists whether he voted for a man who was nearby, Makeienkoreplied: "Let us create the conditions for personalvoting."

After Censor.NETjournalists demonstrated the photos of Makeienko voting for hisneighbor he categorically denied that he voted for other person,calling it a provocation for journalists. "See how I'm doing thisprovocation. I turn and make it look like I am pressing twobuttons. At this time, there is no voting. I'm provoking you. Youare so sad. This is a game."

Makeienko alsoadmitted that he taught Taisiia Povaliy to vote in the same way."We have to adapt, as this voting will take place in the future. Weare looking for options," admitted the Regionsdeputy.

Note that the photos clearly show that Makeienko was doing thisso-called provocation during the vote.

Also a number ofParty of Regions deputies voted violating the law: Anatolii Korzhev- for himself and for Nurulislam Arkallaev, Serhii Braiko - forhimself and the neigbor on the right.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/p227572