Ukrainian Politics

 Opposition Prepared 15 Priority Bills Including Cancellation of Language Law and Impeachment of President

Batkivschyna United Opposition is going to present 15 priority bills necessary to improve the economy and the political situation in Ukraine.

Thiswas announced by opposition deputy Viacheslav Kyrylenko on Channel5.

According to him, if the state will continue thepractice of political repression, the conversation between thegovernment and the opposition will not takeplace.

"When Tymoshenko and Lutsenko are released, thena dialogue can begin. The whole world says so," saidKirilenko.

The deputy said that the main task of theopposition is for the parliament to work in the interests ofordinary people.

"Because now it is working in the interests ofthe oligarchs. But it will take a long time to achieve thisobjective," said the opposition.

Furthermore, he added that the task of theopposition is also a change in the country.

On Monday we present 15 priority bills. Theseare bills on economical deregulation, authorities reform -impeachment of the President and recalling a deputy," specifiedKyrylenko.

At that, the opposition proposed bills onreturning of Ukraine to its European path, cancellation of pensionreform and "shameful language law destroyingUkrainian."

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