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 Azarov and Rybak’s Security Did not Allow Chernobyl Victims to Lay Flowers at the Monument

The Union of Chernobyl is angry that they were not allowed to lay flowers at the monument to Chernobyl victims together with Azarov and Rybak.

UNIANreports that chairman of the All-Ukrainian public organization ofdisabled people "Chernobyl Union of Ukraine" Yurii Andreiev isoutraged by the fact that State Security Service did not allow themto lay flowers at the monument to Chernobyl victims with PrimeMinister Mykola Azarov and Verkhovna Rada Speaker VolodymyrRybak.

At today's press conference Andreiev noted thatChernobyl victims were allowed to lay flowers only after theceremony with the participation of Azarov andRybak.

"As it turns out that the serious security ofour state leaders is so serious, that Chernobyl memorial sites havebecome inaccessible to us," he said.

According to Andreiev such humiliating situationoccurred for the first time. "It was unpleasant. Whose date isthis? And who is to celebrate it? I realized that this event is forthe Prime Minister? " he said.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n227230