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 Regions Government Evokes Most Negative Emotions, Communists Explain Why They Voted for Azarov

Members of the Communist Party elected the Speaker and the Prime Minister from the Party of Regions in order not to destroy the work of the parliament, and not for their own benefits.

In thecommentary to Censor.NET deputy Communist Alla Alexandrovskaexplained the motives of yesterday's voting.

Until a few days ago, the political comrades ofAlla Alexandrovska declared that they would never vote for the blueand white candidates (Party of Regions colors) for key governmentposts. So why did the Communists push a different button whenvoting?

"You know, the situation in the parliament haschanged, look at how blatantly they are violating the law. This isunacceptable.

In this situation, the parliament shall stillfind a way to work. Without the votes of the Communists it wouldhave collapsed, and the government formed by the Party of Regionsdoes not please us in any way, moreover it evokes the most negativeemotions," said Alla Alexandrovska.

"We have 32 votes, and our refrain from votingmay cause a collapse. We are in a very complicated situation.Today, the burden of responsibility for what is happening inUkraine falls to the Communists. If we do not vote, we willimmediately be accused of destroying Ukraine, and we do not want todestroy it," said the Communist.

Replying the question of whether the CPU isafraid of losing due to straying away from the campaign promisesand the real policy of the party, Alexandrovska simply said: "Idon't think it will happen."

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n227165