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 Results of Parliament Fight: Kolesnichenko Kicked Opposition’s Deputy, Tedeiev Got Beat for the First Time. VIDEO

Deputies sum up the results of today’s Rada fight.

Accordingto Censor.NET reporter the biggest news was when opposition deputyOleh Medunytsia fell down and was kicked by Regions VadymKolesnichenko. However, the opposition did not want to escalate thesituation. Commenting on the remark of journalists that he hadbruises on his face and that he was beaten down, Medunytsia said,"Well, I was kicked, I was punched. Well, it happens." He said thatonce he reached the podium, he was immediately knocked down andbeaten on the arms, legs and head.

At the same time, Svoboda's Ihor Myroshnychenkoboasted to journalists that the opposition kicked Tedeiev's buttfor the first time. (Elbrus Tedeiev - Party of Regions deputy,wrestling Olympic champion).

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n227043