Ukrainian Politics

 Regime Wants to Vote for Azarov Bypassing the Law, Says Opposition

The opposition considers a regulation violation the introduction of Azarov’s candidacy for the post of Prime Minister on Wednesday.

According to Ukrainian Pravda, Batkivschyna deputy SerhiiSas stated: "You promised to abide the law on the Cabinet ofMinisters and the law on the regulations. Thus, there is article205, that we have no right to consent the appointment of the PrimeMinister before forming factions and committees," said thedeputy.

However, VolodymyrLytvyn reminded that in 2007 this is how Yulia Tymoshenko becamePrime Minister.

"Then theregulations were not the law," said Sas who is included in theregulatory committee.

In turn, Lytvynsaid that if the Prime Minister is not approved on Wednesday, "itis obly going to happen next year."

He also said thatthe working group serves as the committee to which Sas replied that"it is absurd - let the working group do everythingthen."

As a result, thepreparatory group supported the consideration of approval of PrimeMinister after the elections of the Speaker.

Svobodarepresentative Andrii Mohnyk said that "if the country reallyneeded Prime Minister then Azarov should have stayed in officeinstead of taking the mandate."

"But he was afraidthat in this country all predecessors go to prison," added Svobodadeputy.

To which Yefremovnoted that Azarov took the mandate to receive the support of thegovernment from the new parliament.

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