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 Regime Will Take Ukraine 20 Years Back and Turn it into Belarus, Says Former Azarov’s Minister

The deputy says that the country is being prepared to obeying Russia.

Today, deputy Viktor Baloga once again expressed fearsregarding attempts to bend Ukraine to the will and policy of itsnorthern neighbors, wrote the politician on his Facebookpage.

"My worstexpectations are coming true - the new government team is preparingcandidates focused on the Eastern vector of development of thestate. And it's not about good neighborly relations. It's much moreserious," wrote the politician, "authorities are preparing thereincarnation of the Project which the Ukrainian people escaped 20years ago. This is the worst imaginable scenario for Ukraine. Andit is very sad that this attempt comes at the first stage ofUkrainian integration into a civilized society."

Baloga isconfident that Eastern integration is not the right path forsolving Ukraine's problems but it is theirconserving.

"Politically andeconomically, for us, this means building Belarus-2 project. Andthe project will be realized by old and well known staff, for whomthis is a chance to return from oblivion. It is a pity that thecurrent government is falling for it. They and subsequently we areoffered to step on the same rake - not painted and just as rottenand rusty as it was," said Baloga. "In this situation, those whonow consider themselves to be masters of the situation, in a yearor two will become worse "little brothers" - they will bestepchildren.

According to him,the legal framework for the eastern vector of foreign policy ofUkraine is ready. This means the regime is about to implementit.

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