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 Yanukovych Ready to Enter Alliance with Russia for $ 300 Gas

Last week, sources in the gas market said that on December 3 all private gas companies of Ukraine were denied the right to freely sell the produced gas. Allegedly Naftogaz struck private companies from the balance of suppliers and consumers of fuel in December 2012.

Accordingto Economic Pravda, at the same time, according to marketparticipants, end customers have received offers to conclude supplycontract with oblast gas companies.

Potential beneficiary of this original scheme isnamed businessman Dmytro Firtash. It is a logical assumption, sincethe lion's share of oblast and city gas companies are controlled bystructures related to him.

Last year alone, one of the "fathers" ofRosUkrEnergo bought stakes in dozens of such companies. Inaddition, the Ministry of Energy and Naftogaz are controlled bypeople friendly to Firtash.

Private gas companies, of course, startedraising alarm and predictingh apocalypse. They began to promote atheory that the main goal of Naftogaz is to rearrange the market ofprivate gas companies.

Economic Pravda made an inquiry to Naftogaz andthe Ministry of Energy to confirm or deny this information.Responses from these departments have not yet been received. But asource close to the state-owned gas companies said that nobody'stalking about redistribution.

There is a matter of private gas producersactually being excluded from the gas supply. But, according to thesource, it is not caused by a desire to overtake the business.Supposedly Naftogaz has accumulated too much expensive Russian gaswhich Ukraine is obliged to purchase under the contract of2009.

Currently Ukraine is buying resources fromGazprom for $ 430 per thousand cubic meters. The recently approvedbudget for 2013 set the price of gas at $ 421.

The price at which the Ukrainian enterprises buygas is unknown. But there have been recorded facts when budgetorganizations purchase fuel from Naftogaz at the price of over $500-700 per thousand cubic meters.

Why then would you force the economy to buyexpensive Naftogaz fuel? The source says the price of gas in 2013can be much lower due to Ukraine's joining the Customs Union. Whenasked how much lower, the source noted: "(we will pay) up to $ 300per thousand cubic meters."

This scenario looks very real. Recent statementsby Viktor Yanukovych confirm that Ukraine's entry into the union isclose to realization.

The regime's motives are clear: the governmenthas no currency for which to buy gas from Russia. Thus, accordingto Dragon Capital company, the NBU reserves fell below the "safe"level of three-month import.

Avoiding a negative scenario would be possiblethrough the resumption of cooperation with the IMF. However, to getthe money from the Fund you need to release Yulia Tymoshenko, andnobody is doing that, says the newspaper.

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