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 Putin to Yanukovych: Think Carefully or You Might End Up Like Tymoshenko.

Moscow is offering salvation in exchange for the Customs Union. Vladimir Putin during his meeting with Viktor Yanukovych suggested that the current Ukrainian president, refusing to join the Customs Union, may lose the upcoming presidential election and be imprisoned as Yulia Tymoshenko.

Zerkalo Nedeli reports that recently VladimirVladimirovich in communication with his Ukrainian counterpartprefers methods and skills mastered in his original profession.Putin skillfully exploits fears of Yanukovych and rumour has itthat allegedly saying goodbye in Sochi Putin uttered somethinglike, "Think carefully. Or you might end up where she isnow."

Yanukovych isafraid. Seriously afraid. And not only for the presidency but alsofor his own life. Notice how the protection of the head of statehas grown? They view various scenarios. Including popular unrest,loss of control of the situation in the country. And the catalystmay not be selective justice but simple hunger. I think they toldthe President who was Ceausescu and how he ended up. And Putin hasperhaps promised asylum - whether in Moscow or in the AltaiMountains, writes the newspaper.

Only personalfears and greed of Yanukovych, sad to say it, can serve as a fuseto the absorption of Ukraine by Russia's new project, clarifies thepublication.

"Joining theCustoms Union is a guaranteed loss of economic domination in thecountry (and what did we fight for?). Yanukovych knows Russianhabits well, and he knows that even a small prey stimulates sharkappetites. In his time as a governor, he did not let the Russianbusiness in Donbas. Today, the stakes are higher ... From being arightful owner of the country, he can instantly become a manager ofa subsidiary: from the whole body of real power he will retain onlya legal entity. He will not need to make excuses for the West butwill have to cower and bow to the Kremlin," ZN lists the concernsof the Ukrainian leader.

And, what'simportant is that Yanukovych does not trust Putin'spromises.

Yanukovych doesnot believes Russians. He does not believe Putin, he has nopsychological compatibility with him, and, according to some, he'sjust afraid of him. And Putin despises him ... Why would Russianeed Yanukovych after he led Ukraine into the Russian stall? Whatwould be his value? His mind? Tractability? Beauty? How can Moscowguarantee re-election for a second term to Yanukovych? In 2004 ithad already failed once, concludes the author.

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