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 Yanukovych Wants Disabled Tymoshenko, Vlasenko

The regime wants opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko as a disabled person.

In aninterview to Gazeta.ua her defense lawyer Serhii Vlasenko commentedon the statement made by the Charité clinic physician Lutz Harmswho does not believe Tymoshenko to be seriously ill.

"In this case we are talking about medicalterminology. Doctors call people seriously ill when they are in acoma, or a leg is amputated. Medical position of Dr. Harms, atleast what I saw in the media, he said that the problem lies in thefact that the Ukrainian state does not allow the normal treatmentof Yulia Tymoshenko, and therefore there is a risk of the diseasebecoming chronic and result in the future disability," heexplained.

"Our jail personnel say that the health of YuliaTymoshenko and Yuriy Lutsenko is stable. It is obvious thateveryone who is not dead, still has a stable health condition,"said the defense attorney.

Vlasenko agreed with the Dr. Harms' words thatit means that the disease is not a threat to life: "It is clearthat the problems that Yulia Tymoshenko has are not lifethreatening."

"The regime wants Tymoshenko disabled, it doesnot need her to be dead, although it is possible that they want it,too, but most of all, they need her as a disabled person, so shecould not lead a normal life," he said.

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