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 Jailers Torture Lutsenko by Gradually Pushing him to Death, Say His Comrades

The Party of People's Self Defense (of which Lutsenko is the leader) considers the actions of the State Penitentiary Service (SPS) torture of former Interior Minister Yuriy Lutsenko by gradually bringing it to death.

Theparty's release states that "By not treating Lutsenko and failingto provide basic medical care has led to a critical state of healthof the prisoner. Weekly reports of Lutsenko's good health turnedout to be lies after the report on the need for surgicalintervention because of polyps found in the ex-Minister'sbody."

The party considers that tumors detected bydoctors of Chernihiv oblast hospital on December 5, two monthsafter the examination of Lutsenko in the same health facility, mayhave a negative impact on the ex-minister. "Information of theoblast hospital's physicians on the presence of polyps inLutsenko's sigmoid colon and rectum confirms fears of IrynaLutsenko regarding the new diseases her husband acquired inprison," says the document.

Associates of former Interior Minister note withreference to experts, that most likely the complications of polypsare degeneration into a malignant tumor, bleeding, bowelobstruction and failure, and in the case of diffuse polyposis theonly real chance of saving the patient's life is the timelyimplementation of radical surgery.

The press service of the party considers suchactions of the SPS a "torture by slowly bringing a person to deathby a lack of treatment."

It was earlier reported that on December 6Lutsenko was returned to Menska penal colony by the decision of theState Penitentiary Service of Ukraine.

On December 3, the ex-minister was transferredfrom Menska colony to Chernihiv Oblast hospital for examination. On5 December the media reported that the doctors found a polyp thatformed many years ago in the intestine of the formerofficial.

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