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 Opposition Found a Way to Enforce Personal Voting

The opposition introduced a bill of Verkhovna Rada (VR) limitation rules – it prohibits to count the electronic votes of the deputies who did not sign the registration log.

The bill N11468 amending the Regulations of the VerkhovnaRada was registered by three people's deputy of the OurUkraine-People's Self-Defense faction - Mykola Martynenko (electedin VR VII convocation on Batkivschyna list), Iryna Herashchenko(elected by Udar list) and Oleksandr Bondar (not in the new VR butcooperates with Svoboda party).

"This bill is aproduct of the collective mind, and we have signed it since weneeded to show that it is supported by all three future oppositionfactions," explained Mrs. Herashchenko toKommersant-Ukraine.

The oppositioninsists that the changes to the regulations be adopted in thisconvocation of the parliament - at its last session on December 4."This is the only way to stop the infamous buttonpushing."

Without thetechnical support of personal voting the new parliament will notwork," said Mr. Martynenko.

It should be notedthat representatives of the authorities publicly speak out insupport of the idea which was the basis of the oppositionproject.

"It would belogical for the changes to be adopted," said Head of the Party ofRegions faction Oleksandr Yefremov on Wednesday. Meanwhile, billN11468 is unlikely to be passed.

"We will study theproposal of the opposition and make a decision. However, note thatthe Party of Regions also has some suggestions. For instance onvoting on one day of the week" - said deputy Volodymyr Oliinyk(Party of Regions). The reason for the failure of the majority tosupport the project can be a rule requiring a registration logsignature

"I have my doubtsregarding the fact that the deputy will sign in person. Sometimeshis assistant will want to do it, and a regular Parliament employeewill not want to argue with that. So should we create a commissionto authenticate signatures?" asked Oliinyk.

Iryna Herashchenkothinks these assumptions spurious. "Is it a problem for a deputy tosign? Even if he is late for a morning he may go up to RadaSecretariat and sign there. And before he has done that his cardshould be disabled," said the representative of theopposition.

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