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 Ukrainian Themis Gone Crazy! Judge Read Lutsenko's Verdict While Sitting. Yatsenyuk is Shocked. VIDEO

Judges of Kyiv Court of Appeals are reading the verdict to former Minister of Interior Yuriy Lutsenko while sitting.

LigaBusinessInform reports that the panel of three judges began reading the decision standing but after some time the presiding judge Oleh Prysiazhniuk noted that those present in the room can take their seats and the judges continued to read the decision sitting.

Commenting on such behavior Arseniy Yatsenyuk who came to see Lutsenko noted: "This is neither in form nor in essence has anything to do with being a court of law. I have not seen a verdict being read while sitting. They should have also brought McDonald's coffee, a couple of sandwiches, pass the pages of the decision for each other for reading. This indicates that Themis is not just blind but it is also crazy. "

According to Yatsenyuk, if you ask the judges right now what Lutsenko was convicted for, they would not be able to explain. "Except for one thing - we were instructed so we have written such a long sentence that it's hard to read it standing up," said the politician.

Today the Kyiv Court of Appeal read the full text of the decision on the appeal of former Interior Minister Yuriy Lutsenko on the verdict of the Pechersk district court. To do this, Lutsenko was brought from Menskaia colony to Kyiv. On November 22 the court fully dismissed the appeal of the ex-minister but then only the resolution part of the decision was read.

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