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 Malyy Maiak Mayor Broke Due to Pressure from Makiyvka Gangsters Who Tried to Please Yanukovych, Crimean Communist

Deputy Leonid Grach believes that mayor Leonid Malak was driven to suicide by Makiyivka gang in the Crimean Party of Regions.

In a commentary to Censor.NET the deputy said: "This isnot the beginning but a continuation, and it will have an impact ona larger scale. In 2010 thug of thugs Dzharty who came here in theCrimea as a Prime Minister had brought Makiyivska OCG (organizedcrime group rephrased to 'politicial' group by the deputy).Makiyivka group came here to loot. People thought that the problemis in one Dzharty but God took called upon him. Thank God, becausehe caused so much harm and brought so much evil on Crimea as no onedid in post Soviet times. But his place was taken Mohylev andnothing has changed. Makiyivska team is just being shuffled," saidGrach.

"Chief problemwith Dzharty was the Crimean staff. They hit on the people whorepresented Crimean republican organization of the Communist Partyin the government. They started to push them out, blackmail, defamethem, and so on. Then in October 2010 they resorted to all measuresto which they could: fraud and intimidation, and so on. And theyhave formed a so-called Crimean parliament. Why "so-called" -because it is not the Crimean. The parliament of Crimea should beconsidered Makiyivka parliament. This is a team of outlaws. Theseare the people that went through street school in early 90's, whenthey went to markets of Makiyivka with baseball bats and othercities of Donbass and beat up people extorting them. They had awhole repressive mission. In 2010 they went after the chairmen ofvillage councils where the earth was expensive. They did not allowto run for offices and pressured people, had them arrested. Thereis a list of examples. They broke people's lives, destroyed theirhealth and fates and placed their own officials," said the Crimeanpolitician.

However, herecalled that in 2010 Leonid Malak who committed suicide wasnominated for the position of mayor by the Party of Regions."Another thing is that he could not live up to requests that wereput forward by Makiyivka gang. He has become so inconvenient thatthey started pressuring him."

The politicianreminded that at first the mayor, with the involvement of theMinistry of Interior Affairs, had spent some time in a closedpsychiatric clinic and then was transferred to the SemashkoRepublican Hospital.

"They have pushedhim to suicide by all that they psychologically and medically putin him. This is exactly their style which Dzharty and Mohylevbrought to the Crimea. And in the process of all this there wasredistribution of the loot. Just remember the Feingold trial. Theway they pressured him. How the prosecutors and police were drivinghim around in bed with a mask and so on. The biggest lawlessnesswas displayed by the prosecutor's office head Molitskyy who wasbrought here by Dzharty. After Odessa he was kicked out of theprosecution. This lawlessness was limitless in regard to bribesbecause they were constantly increasing. They are gutting people interms of psychological stability. Today Crimea is run bycriminals," stressed Grach.

"Malyy Maiakproblem was related to the decision a few weeks ago by the Councilof Ministers of Crimea on the allocation of 9,000 hectares of landfactually for the needs of Viktor Yanukovych," said thepolitician.

According to him,this decision applies also to the lands of the Malyy Maiak. "Thatis why today we must sound the alarm, because such methods that areused today in Crimea to the people who do not agree with Makiyivkagang will lead to a great disaster," summedGrach.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n225410