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 Malyy Maiak Mayor Died for 9 Thousand Hectares of Land for Yanukovych’s Company

Leader of the Crimean republican organization of Batkivschyna Andriy Senchenko proposed several versions of the reasons for controversial suicide of Malyy Maiak mayor Leonid Malyk.

"Unfortunately, Malomayaksky village council was involvedin a scam of 9 thousand hectares of land, which was given away tofour notorious Ukrainian hunters in the very top of Ukrainiangovernment (the Crimean parliament decision on the allocation ofnearly 9000 hectares of hunting grounds in Greater Alushta to KyivAssociation of Hunters and Fishermen Kedr)" said Senchenko in acomment to Arguments of the Week Crimea.

He noted: "It maywell be that there were some problems with this land allotment, andthus they dumped all loose ends and needed to replace the head ofthe village council at any cost, even at the cost of a human life."Another motive, according to Senchenko may be linked to "the desireof Makeievka team to dismiss mayors of Southern Coast cities andtowns.

"Makeevka 'galaxy'that headed the Crimea has failed. It peaked at the moment when theParty of Regions (in the person of President Viktor Yanukovych) hadthe support at 822,000 people, and now, in the last parliamentaryelections, with all the fraud they got 383,000. Half a millionCrimeans turned away! Of course, they will have to answer forthat," says the Crimean opposition member.

Therefore, in hisopinion, Makeevka's gang is preparing to leave the Crimea. "Todaythere are 'overseers' in every city, district, village. Those arecriminals.

And the mayors ofYalta, Alushta and Malyy Maiak? They are Crimeans or people whohave been living in the Crimea for a long time and the city councilsecretaries are from Donetsk, Makeievka, so there are efforts toremove the mayors. Right now, for example, it is Boiarchuk (Mayorof Yalta). They will leave, and their minions, the secretaries ofthe city councils will be acting mayor and will be overseers,"added Senchenko.

He also notedthat, with respect to the deceased Malyk there was "pressing andthey illegally tried to put him in a mental hospital. According tomy information, the next day if they did not get him out of there,then he would be sent for compulsory treatment, as it was in the60's and 70's: a mental hospital for dissidents," said the head ofthe Crimean Batkivschyna.

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