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 Party of Regions Has 223 Deputies. Work is in Progress, Says Yefremov

Head of the Party of Regions in the Verkhovna Rada Oleksandr Yefremov claims to have 223 applications of the newly elected parliamentary deputies on joining the Party of Regions faction.

He mentioned this in an interview to the Daynewspaper.

"Today, we have223 declarations of deputies to join our faction. The workcontinues," he said.

Yefremov said thatthe number of seats that the Regions received upon the results ofthe parliamentary elections were fewer than expected. According tohim, the party expected to get about 226 seats. "But we receivedless so today the work on forming the majority is being conducted.This will largely depend on the plurality candidates who have notdecided yet," said the head of the currentfaction.

Replying to aquestion if he would like joining the Communist Party to themajority he said that he would like to join these political forcessolely on program goals. However, he said that in the case ofre-formatting the executive power and employing their members, thenboth parties will have to make concessions.

In addition,Yefremov wants to continue heading the faction in the parliament ofthe 7th convocation. Asked about the possibility that he willcampaign for the post of the Speaker of Parliament in the nextconvocation he said: "I learned that part of the work which I wasdoing. It is big and complex. If my colleagues entrust me tocontinue working in this direction, my ambitions will be fullysatisfied," he said.

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