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 Another Scandal With Kolesnikov’s Hyundai: Passengers Went from Donetsk to Kyiv Without Heating

Speed “supertrain” Hyundai is once again in the middle of a scandal.

Yesterday morning, the train Donetsk - Kyiv was leftwithout heating, reports novosti.dn.ua.

Hyundai leftDonetsk at 6:30 am, and about an hour later there was anannouncement to the passengers that due to technical malfunctionsthe heating is off. As a result, the temperature inside the traindropped down to +4 C.

The Ukrainianspeed rail company that is responsible for the train has not yetcommented the incident.

Earlier Hyundaitrain heading from Kyiv to Kharkiv on October 31 stood for twohours in the middle of the field.

"Our Hyundai brokedown and stood for two hours in the open field. Heating system wasoff, there was no hot tea," wrote one of the passengers onFacebook.

From the windowsof the car the passengers saw that one of the wires was practicallyon the roof of the train.

About an hourlater a train with repair team came which started fixing theproblem. Hyundai was repaired and about an hour later resumed itstrip to Kharkiv.

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