Arbuzov Demands Passing 15% Currency Tax Bill

The Parliament must pass a law on the introduction of 15% Pension Fund commission on sales of foreign currency by individuals.

This was stated by National Bank head Serhiy Arbuzov onICTV November 25, reports Ukrainian News.

"I insist thatthis law will protect the interests of the people. First, we willexplain so the people can see what are the positive aspects of thislaw. And when that is done, we will support it," saidArbuzov.

He stressed thatthe main positive of this document is to introduce measures toprevent speculation in the currency market.

He stressed thatthe main positive side of this document is introduction of measuresto prevent speculation in the currency market.

"The measure wasengaged so speculators could not profit on the people who do notfully understand what's going on," said the head of theNBU.

He added that thebill, if passed, will increase revenues to the Pension Fund andlower the level of the economy dollarization.

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