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 Party of Regions Wants to Vote Once a Week or be Informed by the Bell

On Friday, November 23, the opposition’s Mykola Martynenko (Batkivschyna), Vitaliy Kovalchuk (Udar) and Ruslan Koshulinsky (Svoboda) presented a draft decision of the working group to Volodymyr Lytvyn, involving the use of the touch keys for voting.

"It only needs the signature of Lytvyn and that's all," said Valeriy Karpuntsov (Udar) in a comment to Kommersant-Ukraine.

As it is known, the electronic voting system Rada-3 has been modernized and updated in the summer of 2008 at the initiative of then Speaker Arseniy Yatsenyuk. A touch button was installed on each panel that that the deputy has to hold while voting. This, according to the developers, excludes the possibility of one deputy voting in multiple consoles simultaneously.

Representatives of the Party of Regions proposed a counter-initiative and promised to make their own version of the document until 28 November. "I personally saw the beginning of a movement forward. At the end of the meeting we all came to the consensus that these measures are necessary. Each faction will prepare their vision of how to prevent voting for another deputy," said representative of the President in Parliament Yuriy Miroshnychenko (Party of Regions).

However, it is possible that personal voting system proposed by the ruling party will be radically different from the version advocated by the opposition. "The regulation refers to the electronic voting system - touch key that is practically installed can be used but the debate still goes on. There is an option that the voting can be set for one day of the plenary week. Another option is a half-hour warning call before the voting, as it is in the U.S. Congress," said Miroshnychenko. The official position of the faction on this matter will be ready on Wednesday, the deputy said.

The opposition believes that the Party of Regions, making a counteroffer is just palavering. "No matter how many days a week you vote. These days and hours have nothing to do with personal voting!" outraged Valeriy Karpuntsov. - It is clear that they (pro government majority) do not like it and they are muddying the matter up. Not only do they not have the majority now, but they with personal voting they will never have enough votes. "Koshulinsky added that if the Regions do not fulfill the requirement of personal voting the opposition will not participate in preparation of the next Parliament. "The demand for personal voting by deputies is also the demand of society. It seemed to me that the majority understands it," he concluded.

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