Explosion in Zaporizhya School: Shrapnel Wounded Three People. Children Suffer from Shock

On Friday, November 23, at the Zaporizhya school № 87 there was an explosion and there are casualties.

"While it is not known what caused the explosion,according to the school students the teenagers blew an object thatlooked like a cigarette lighter causing blown out windows anddamage the frame. Shrapnel wounded three people. Some children arein the state of shock," said a police source, as reportsUkrinform.

According to thechairman of the independent EMS trade union Anatoliy Sidorenko, twostudents were hospitalized and a teacher refusedhospitalization.

One of theteenagers has a blunt abdominal trauma and suspected head injury.The second child has cut wounds of the head andlimbs.

Police andprosecutors are on site.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n224956