Ukrainian Politics

 Lytvyn Explains How He Ended Up in Party of Regions

Despite the fact that the speaker Volodymyr Lytvyn BP got into the parliament of VII convocation through a plurality district of Zhytomyr oblast representing the People's Party he became a member of the working group through a quota of the Party of Regions. After that he immediately hastened to dispel the rumors of him joining the Party of Regions.

According to the speaker, he joined the ruling party whenone of the opposition parties refused to take him on their quota,Kommersant-Ukraine reports.

"First I asked theleadership of one of the opposition parties to include me in thegroup through their quota but I was advised to go to the Party ofRegions since they have a larger quota," said Lytvyn during themeeting of the working group for the organization and holding ofthe first session of the new Verkhovna Rada.

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