Ukrainian Politics

 Opposition Left Rada: Controlled Voting is More Important for Party of Regions

Opposition deputies left the meeting of the working group on the preparation of the first session of the Verkhovna Rada of 7th convocation.

Opposition's Vyacheslav Kyrylenko wrote on his Twitter page: "We left the meeting: the Regions have adopted their own order of the day without the resolution on personal voting - there is no sense for us to sit there like furniture," he wrote.

"The Party of Regions is absolutely against signing the draft resolution on personal voting - they want to continue voting one for ten in the new parliament, that's for sure," Kyrylenko wrote earlier.

"We proposed a package: we vote for your leadership in the Preparatory group and you vote for the resolution on personal voting. They don't want to - voting like they used to is more important," added the politician.

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