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 Regime Receives Special Pleasure in Announcing Lutsenko’s Verdict on Orange Revolution Anniversary, Turchynov. VIDEO

Kyiv Court of Appeals upheld Yuriy Lutsenko’s verdict intentionally on the anniversary of the Orange Revolution.

This was announced during a briefing by First DeputyChairman of Batkivschyna Oleksandr Turchynov, reports the party'spress service.

"It was importantfor those who ordered the trial of Yuriy Lutsenko that the verdictwould be announced today - on the anniversary of the OrangeRevolution. They (the government) get extraordinary pleasure fromthis," he said. According to Turchynov, Yuriy Lutsenko's verdictannouncement took the judges just 5 minutes and "they could haveeasily done that last night and put an end to this dirtyprocess."

"At the same timeViktor Yushchenko is at his state residence given to him byYanukovych," he said. "Those who celebrate this sentence today donot realize that it was not just politicians who came to Maidan -millions of our citizens came took to the streets," said OleksandrTurchynov. According to him, people have learned "about those whoruin our country. The verdict will be announced to those who isturning Ukraine into an enclave of totalitarianism today. And thoseideals of the Orange Revolution which are related to a strong,powerful, and beautiful Ukraine will win," said AlexanderTurchynov.

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