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 Newly Elected Opposition Deputy Leaves Ukraine Due to Pressure from Authorities

The newly-elected member of parliament of the 7th convocation, Batkivschyna’s Iryna Kupreychyk (district #162) was forced to leave Ukraine under pressure from the authorities.

This was announced by the deputy head of the Batkivschyna Sumy oblast electoral HQ Mykola Klochko, adding that the information was received by phone from Kupreychyk, reports Liga.

According to him, Kupreychyk had been invited to a meeting with the heads of district state administrations of Sumy oblast after the elections victory. During the conversation officials allegedly hinted that the opposition deputy should "think about joining the majority in the new parliament which will allow her to help her constituents."

The officials also indirectly promised that in case of non-agreement the company Niva Agrotech led by Kupreychyk may stay without "room for development."

Batkivschyna also states that the opposition will try to convince the head of Sumy Oblast State Administration Yuriy Chmyr that these methods of pressure by officials on a woman and a deputy are not acceptable, reminding that the governor congratulated Kupreychyk on her victory.

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