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 Khoroshkovskyy Will Be Acting Prime Minister and Azarov Will Move to Rada

President Viktor Yanukovych will sign all applications from the members of the Cabinet for the transition to the parliament, and the one in charge will be Valeriy Khoroshkovskyy.

Kommersant-Ukraine citing a highly placed source in the Cabinet, reports that all signed letters of resignation from the Cabinet have already been received by the Presidential Administration.

"President Viktor Yanukovych will sign all resignations and issue appropriate orders. During next week the current Prime Minister, his deputies and ministers will be transferred to the Rada," said the source.

"For the time remaining until the election of a new Cabinet, Valeriy Khoroshkovskyy will be in charge," he added.

Khoroshkovsky did not run for the Verkhovna Rada seat.

"Some of those who went to Parliament, will return to the government but who will that be now depends only on one man - Viktor Yanukovych," noted the sourcehe added.

Vice Speaker Mykola Tomenko said the decision of the government members "technical."

"This is a requirement of the electoral law. To become a member of VII convocation you need to pass a number of documents to the CEC. One of these documents must state that the person resigned from a previous job, so the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Ministers and ministers who were on the list of the Party of Regions must apply for resignation," said Tomenko.

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