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 Fight in Parliament. Regions Tried to Push Through Kindergarten Russification Law. VIDEO

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine witnessed a scuffle due to another language bill.

As LigaBusinessInform informs, First Deputy Speaker AdamMartyniuk put the draft amendments to the law "On PreschoolEducation" № 9714-1 to vote which, according to the oppositiondeputies provides for Russification of kindergartens. The adoptionof the draft was voted by 222 deputies at 226 required. After thatMartyniuk put to vote the proposal to get back to the document,several opposition deputies rushed to the parliamentary podium,NUNS deputy Andriy Parubiy ran into the box of the Presidium andsnatched the microphone from Martynyuk. However, the votingcontinued.

Martynyuk'sproposal was supported by even less votes - 213 votes. After thatMartynyuk went on to the next bill. People's deputies returned totheir places.

The bill proposedto add to the law on pre-school education a new provision of the"right of free choice of parents for the education of their child."Article 10 of the Law on the provisions was supplemented with theprovisions to meet national, cultural, educational and linguisticneeds of the citizens by creating pre-school educationalinstitutions in which parenting is in their national or otherlanguages."

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