Rada Puts Bill on the 15% Currency Tax on Hold for Indefinite Period

Verkhovna Rada put off the bill #11433 on the payment by individuals of 15% fee when selling currencies for an indefinite period of time and started to consider next issues on the agenda.

Censor.NET correspondent reports that before voting forthe bill, the opposition spoke strongly against it, and so did therepresentatives of the group of former opposition that joined theruling party.

Group leaderVolodymyr Kaplienko noted that there is no tax on money anywherethe world and recalled that during the Great Depression in the U.S.all gold was taken from the population, and in Ukraine where thereis no default or collapse of the economy, the currency should bejust taken away from the population, joked the deputy. "The blackmarket which we saw at the end of the Soviet Union, will look likea baby compared to what will happen now."

However, MykolaTomenko threatened to print the name of every deputy who will votefor this law to ensure that every Ukrainian knows the culprit: "Wewill publish and inform the public about every person who votedtoday for the tax of Viktor Yanukovych's family. This is how weinterpret the bill against the people."

Also, thepolitician drew attention to the fact that this bill has beenregistered in the parliament only yesterday and today it is alreadyon the agenda. Also, he said, the scientific expert governance ofRada acknowledged the bill as "inadequate and contrary to commonsense."

In his turnAnatoliy Hrytsenko called on Speaker Volodymyr Lytvyn not to acceptthe law stating that he has a legal right to introduceamendments.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n224595